Torture, Abortion, and Catholic Hypocrisy: A Short Reflection

Something I often rant against in my Catholic writing is the practice of putting political bias before the Church. Though it is absolutely a two way street, I’ve witnessed more conservative Catholics call for the excommunication of Biden and Pelosi for their stance on abortion, yet say not a word about Rick Santorum and his support of torture. Both abortion and torture are expressly forbidden in the Catechism, yet somehow, Santorum, and other conservative Catholic politicians like him, seem to slide by. Even worse, when push comes to shove, these critics often find a way to defend practices such as water boarding and sleep deprivation as “not really” torture.

That, my friends, is total hogwash.

Catholicism is not a religion of personal feelings. It is not a religion of compromise. IF you want to call yourself a faithful Catholic, you HAVE to put the Church first. You HAVE to follow the rules set forth in the Catechism. These things are not up for debate. If that sometimes puts you at odds with your party platform, too bad.

Being Catholic doesn’t mean you can’t be involved in politics. In fact, we should be involved. You just have to discern what the Church says first.

“This Catechism was not written to please you. It will not make life easy for you, because it demands you a new life.” Benedict XVI


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